Teen-Time Cooking with Carnation, 1959
Antique Recipes

Ring Around Tuna Salad from Teen-Time Cooking with Carnation, 1959

Ring Around Tuna Salad from Teen-Time Cooking with Carnation, 1959: Yes, we have the cookbook.  See it here:  https://www.vintagecookbook.com/product/teen-time-cooking/ Teen-Time Cooking with Carnation Evaporated Milk, 1959:  Booklet written by “Mary Blake,” Home Service Department, Carnation Company, Los Angeles, California.  (Mary Blake is one of those…
Just Cocktails
Antique Recipes

Just Cocktails 1939

Just Cocktails 1939:  Just Cocktails was compiled and edited by W. C. Whitfield, decorated by Tad Shell, and published by Three Mountaineers, Inc., Asheville, N.C. 1939. The first edition of this cookbook was published with this title. Later editions of this book were titled Here’s…
Taste of Texas, 1949
Antique Recipes

Spaghetti Recipe from Elsa Schiaparelli

Spaghetti Recipe from Elsa Schiaparelli:  Taste of Texas's Spaghetti a la Schiap;  Here's one great recipe from A Taste of Texas, a cookbook with recipes edited by Jane Trahey, compiled for Neiman-Marcus by Marihelen McDuff. Published by Random House, New York, in 1949.  This recipe…
Mary Land's Louisiana Cookery
Antique Recipes

Orange Soup from Mary Land’s Louisiana Cookery, 1954

Orange Soup from Mary Land's Louisiana Cookery: Here's one great recipe from a truly great cookbook, Mary Land's Louisiana Cookery. Doesn't this soup sound perfect for a hot summer evening? Yes, we have the cookbook! See it here: https://www.vintagecookbook.com/product/mary-lands-louisiana-cookery-1954-first-edition/ Mary Land’s Louisiana Cookery: First edition,…
Country Kitchen
Antique Recipes

Fig Layer Cake from Country Kitchen, 1936

Fig Layer Cake from Country Kitchen, 1936: One great recipe from one of the most charming cookbooks of all time, Della T. Lutes' Country Kitchen. Yes, we have the cookbook. See it here: https://www.vintagecookbook.com/product/country-kitchen-della-t-lutes-1936-1937/ Country Kitchen, Della T. Lutes, 1936: Copy of the cookbook that…