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Family Recipes: Maude Landry’s Eggplant

Maude Landry's Eggplant: Family Recipes: Maude Landry's Stuffed Eggplant: Here's one great recipe from a classic Louisiana cookbook, Family Recipes: Secrets of Maude Landry's Kitchen. This cookbook is famous for the recipes for the dishes Maude Landry and her husband, Willie G. Landry, sold at…
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Bohemian San Francisco Clam Chowder

Bohemian San Francisco Clam Chowder: Here's another great recipe from Bohemian San Francisco, clam chowder thick enough to eat with a fork! You can see the cookbook here: Bohemian San Francisco: The Elegant Art of Dining. This book is dripping with San Francisco history.…
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Clam Chowder from Bohemian San Francisco, 1914

Bohemian San Francisco is an elegant little book written by Clarence E. Edwords. Filled with brief descriptions of California scenery and gossipy discussions of San Francisco restaurants (in 1914,) their history, and often the personal history of the owners and chefs. Interspersed are recipes from…
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Famous Recipes from Old Virginia, 1941
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Chocolate Pies from Famous Recipes from Old Virginia, 1941

Chocolate Pies Famous Recipes from Old Virginia, 1941: Yes, we have the cookbook. See it here: Famous Recipes from Old Virginia, 1941, Beautifully Illustrated. Cookbook compiled by the Ginter Park Woman’s Club, Richmond, Virginia. This copy is from the second edition (revised) printed in 1941…