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Egg Bread and Johnny Cake Recipes from Blue Grass Cook Book, 1904, 1911

Egg Bread and Johnny Cake Recipes from Blue Grass Cook Book, 1904, 1911:

Yes, We have the cookbook.  See it here:

Blue Grass Cook Book, Compiled by Minnie C. Fox, 1904, 1911. Rare Historic Cookbook. Cookbook first copyrighted and published by Duffield & Company, New York, in 1904. This copy is from the 1911 printing. Linen covered hard boards. 350 pages.

Many Southern cookbooks have illustrations of black African American cooks, but this cookbook has 10 photographs of actual cooks and one picture of a black houseman, with an introduction by John Fox, Jr., singing the praises of “that turbaned mistress of the Kentucky kitchen” (also the title of the photograph used at the frontispiece.) The photographs were taken by A. L. Coburn. Fox writes, “She was broad, portly, kind of heart, though severe of countenance, as befitted her dignity, and usually quick of temper and sharp of tongue. . . . [T]here were times when all, black and white, bowed down bee fore her.”

This copy of Blue Grass Cook Book has chapters on breads, eggs, soups, fish, oysters, entrees, croquettes, fowl, game, meats, sauces, vegetables, salads, dressings, ice cream, ices, punches and sherbets, creams and other desserts, jellies, pastry, puddings, cakes, catsups, preserves, confections, and cheese.

This cookbook is a good reading copy. The cover is a mess. The hinges are exposed. The binding is loose, but holding. Many pages have light spots. The good news is that all the pages are here and completely legible. The photographs are all in excellent condition.