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Scalloped Apple from Boston School Kitchen Text-Book, 1887, 1913

Scalloped Apple from Boston School Kitchen Text-Book, 1887, 1913:

Scalloped Apple from Boston School Kitchen Etext-Book, 1913

Yes, we have the cookbook.  See it here:

Boston School Kitchen Text-Book: Lessons in Cooking for the Use in Public and Industrial Schools, by Mrs. D. A. Lincoln. Published by Roberts Brothers, Publishers, Boston, first in 1887. This copy was copyrighted in 1909. Hard cover with cloth binding. 237 pages.  Published in 1919, also by Roberts Brothers, Boston. This copy of the Boston School Kitchen Text-Book is in excellent antique condition. The cover is in especially good, clean condition. Except for some penciled marks apparently made by school children, the pages are all quite clean. The binding is intact.  I thought you would enjoy the chart showing how much nutrition you can buy for twenty-five cents! Gift quality!

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