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Mary Land’s Louisiana Cookery, 1954, First Edition, Second Printing SALE

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Mary Land’s Louisiana Cookery: First edition, first printing of this legendary cookbook, Mary Land’s Louisiana Cookery, published in 1954 by the Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hard cover with NO dust jacket. 376 pages.  Binding is sound. Cover is in excellent vintage condition. All pages are clean and clear.

This is the first time we’ve had a copy of this famous southern cookbook. Until now, I didn’t know how well this cookbook deserved its fame. This is a splendid cookbook! I’m going to copy three-quarters of it before I send it out to you! For example, one of the first chapters is called “Bucolic Bits,” and it has appetizer recipes that will make your mouth water! And lots of them are even pretty. Cheese Cherries are balls of sharp cheese, paprika, with cloves and stems–and they are charming. Then there’s the first chapter, “A Few Fundamentals,” that tells you how to use plants like marsh marigold and milkweed. The Soups chapter is to die for. The chapter called “Gastronomic Gambles” tells how to cook alligator, snails, cowfish, and trigger fish. And the final chapter, “Come Let Us Warm Ourselves,” includes wine and cocktails–plus historic recipes like Aunt Pattie’s Egg Nogg. I love this cookbook.


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