Vintage Novelty Cookbooks


Vintage–and occasionally–antique novelty cookbooks. That is, old cookbooks based on jokes, cultural stereotypes, cartoons.  Or cookbooks aimed at one gender, usually male, sometimes gay.  Or cookbooks with unusual shapes or sizes.  Or cookbooks with unusual leather or wooden covers.  Or cookbooks especially emblematic of their times.  These cookbooks can make excellent gifts.  But be sure you know the person you are gifting well.  Right now, we have Rhymed Receipts for Any Occasion, 1912; Great Dandelion Cookbook, 1997; Cookbook for Lovers, 1970; Inter Courses: Aphrodisiac Cookbook; Pyromaniac’s Cookbook, 1968; Easy to Make Maidens & Cocktails: A Mixing, Swingers Bar Guide; Seducer’s Cookbook, 1963; Eat It! Munchies, Recipe Card Cookbook by Dana “Ma” Crumb, Illustrations by Robert Crumb.