Antique and Vintage Cooking Lessons from Cooking Schools, Chefs, or Books

Cooking lessons currently in stock include: Victory Recipes: Featuring Better Recipes for Wartime Cooking and Baking with Wartime Ingredients, c. 1943; Aunt Chick’s Pies, Tarts, Ravioli, Cookies, Doughnuts. Rare 1939, 1956; Riendeau’s Cakes and Pastries, 1924; Love Time & Butter, Joe Hyde, 1971; Cooking for the Epicure, 1960, Chef John William Clancy; Mary Lyles Wilson’s New Cook Book, 1914, 1952; Good Bread How to Make It; Book of Desserts, 1903, Mrs. W. H. Wilson; Iridor Complete Candy Making Course. Candy Manual Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, 1931; Candy Book, Culinary Arts Press, 1938, Three Mountaineers, Inc.; Sugar ‘n Spice, 1930, British War Relief, Pasadena Chapter; Baking Book: General Foods Cooking School of the Air . . . 1932 Lessons; La Cuisine a Taos, Chefs Bernard “Dadou” Mayer and Claude Guy Gohard, 1982, Hotel Edelweiss, Taos, New Mexico; Antoinette Pope School Cookbook, 1948, 1949; Antoinette Pope School Cookbook, Revised, 1953, 1958; Great Cooks Cookbook, Good Cooking School Cookbook, 1974; 15 Antoinette Pope School of Fancy Cookery Lessons; Ou Est Le Garlic: French Cooking in 50 Lessons, 1977, Len Deighton, First Edition, First Printing.