Sunset All-Western Cook Book, 1936, Genevieve A. Callahan



Sunset All-Western Cook Book, 1936, Genevieve A. Callahan:  Paperback cookbook compiled by Genevieve A. Callahan, home economics editor of Sunset Magazine.  Published by Lane Publishing Co., San Francisco, California.  216 pages.  Binding is firm, since it is a stitched binding.  Pages are not in good shape, with many spots, stains, and one major tear.  Recipes are all here, though, and all are legible.  Cook’s copy.

This is an excellent cookbook with an unusual format.  Its chapters are I. Western Vegetables; II. Western Fruits and Nuts; III. Western Fish and Game; IV. Favorite Foreign Dishes; and V. Western Canning, Preserving, and Pickling.  (I can’t help but think, where’s the beef?)  The cookbook presents a food–say, artichokes– provides information about it, its selection, its preparation, how to cook it, how to serve it, and how to eat it.  Then, it provides a number of recipes using the food–here, artichokes.  Next, its on to asparagus.  It’s a good way to run a cookbook.


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