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Gourmet Cookbook I & II, Both Volumes, Still in Sleeve, 1971 Printing

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Gourmet Cookbook I & II : I know, I’m a fool to sell these together. But, I’m a sucker for a set. I just can’t split them up. Especially when they’re like these–original mates, aged together, both still perfect, etc. So . . . I’m a fool and you can end up with a splendid set of some of the greatest cookbooks of all time (according to some folks.)

Volume I was originally published in 1950, and Volume II was originally published in 1957. Both volumes revised and edited in 1965. The two volumes you are buying are from that revised edition, published as part of the fourth printing, 1971.  781 and 770 pp., respectively. Beautifully bound hardback copies.  Books in fine, as-if-new condition. Both for this price, of course. Still with their clear plastic book jackets and still encased in their book sleeve.  (Marked down from $110.00.) I don’t think anyone ever even leafed through these cookbooks! They were waiting for you!

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