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Brown Pottage Royall from Colonial Virginia’s Cooking Dynasty

Brown Pottage Royall from Colonial Virginia’s Cooking Dynasty: One recipe from an admirable academic cookbook, along with its annotation.

Yes, we have the cookbook. See it here: Colonial Virginia’s Cooking Dynasty

Colonial Virginia’s Cooking Dynasty: 2004 academic cookbook that’s beautifully documented and impressively written by Katharine E. Harbury. She uses two cookbooks from eighteenth-century Virginia to provide insights into lifestyles and foodways during the evolution of Chesapeake society. One cookbook is an anonymous document dating from 1700, the other is the 1739-1743 cookbook of Jane Bolling Randolph, a descendant of Pocahontas and John Rolfe. In the first 144 pages, Harbury discusses the cookbooks in the context of colonial history. In the following 335 pages, Harbury reproduces both cookbooks in their entirety. The original language is provided in on the left side of the pages, on the right sides are Harbury’s painstaking translations and interpretations. Wonderful piece of food research (and wine and medical research, as well.) Published by the University of South Carolina Press in 2004, a relatively recent publication that is difficult to find, perhaps because it was published by a university press. Hard cover with dust jacket. This copy is in as-if-new condition. Never read. Pristine!