River Road Recipes
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River Road Recipes Casseroles

River Road Recipes Casseroles: Here are two recipes from the Baton Rouge Junior League's River Road Recipes, first published in 1959. The great thing about this cookbook and these recipes is their generous nature: the casseroles serve 8 or 12 people. The other great thing…
Daily News Cook Book, 1896
Antique Recipes

1896 Thanksgiving Chicago Record Cook Book

1896 Thanksgiving menu and two unusual (for today) recipes from the Chicago Record Cook Book. This cookbook published menus and recipes sent in by its working-class readers, usually exactly as the readers submitted the recipes. So, here's a working-class Chicago Thanksgiving menu in 1896, plus…
Russian Tea Room Cookbook
Antique Recipes

Russian Tea Room’s Eggplant a la Russe

Russian Tea Room Cookbook: Here's one great recipe from the Russian Tea Room Cookbook. The cookbook was published in 1981, with the New York City restaurant's history written by its owner, Faith Stewart-Gordon, and with the original Tea Room recipes re-written for individual use by…
Columbia Cook Book
Antique Recipes

Boiled Fish from Columbia Cook Book 1893

Boiled Fish from Columbia Cook Book: Here's Adelaide Hollingsworth's recipe for Boiled Fish from her Columbia Cook Book, published in 1893. You know we have the cookbook. You can see it here: Columbia Cook Book 1893 First Edition: This is an amazing first edition…
Jewish Cook Book
Antique Recipes

Hickoynut Cake from “Aunt Babette’s” Cook Book, 1889, 1913

Hickoynut Cake from "Aunt Babette's" Cook Book, 1889, 1913: Yes, we have the cookbook. See it here: “Aunt Babette’s” Cook Book, 1889, 1913, in Excellent Antique Condition: Cookbook written by Bertha F. Kramer and first published in 1889 by Bloch Publishing Company, New York. This…
Family Recipes Secrets of Maude Landry's
Antique Recipes

Family Recipes: Maude Landry’s Eggplant

Maude Landry's Eggplant: Family Recipes: Maude Landry's Stuffed Eggplant: Here's one great recipe from a classic Louisiana cookbook, Family Recipes: Secrets of Maude Landry's Kitchen. This cookbook is famous for the recipes for the dishes Maude Landry and her husband, Willie G. Landry, sold at…