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The Saucier’s Apprentice, 1976, Raymond Sokolov



The Saucier’s Apprentice, 1976, Raymond Sokolov: A Modern Guide to Classic French Sauces for the Home. Hard back book with dust jacket. Published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York, in 1976. 213 pages plus index. Chapters include Brown Sauces, White Sauces including sauces derived from ordinary veloute; sauces derived from chicken veloute, and sauces derived from fish fumet and veloute; the Bechamel Family; the Emulsified Sauces, including Hollandaise, Bearnaise Group, and Mayonnaise; Butter Sauces; Compound Butters, and Dessert Sauces, including Fruit Sauces.

This book is in mint, never used, never read condition. The pages are completely clean and clear. The binding is firm. The cover in in excellent condition. The dust jacket has a few minor dings. If you can tackle these sauces, you are a better person than I am. But the recipes are fun to read.


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