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Family Recipes: Maude Landry’s Eggplant

Maude Landry’s Eggplant: Family Recipes: Maude Landry’s Stuffed Eggplant: Here’s one great recipe from a classic Louisiana cookbook, Family Recipes: Secrets of Maude Landry’s Kitchen. This cookbook is famous for the recipes for the dishes Maude Landry and her husband, Willie G. Landry, sold at Landry’s French Market from the 1900s until 1952. Here’s Maude Landry’s recipe for Stuffed Eggplant with Crab Meat:

Stuffed Lobster from Luchow's German Cookbook

Stuffed Lobster from Luchow’s German Cookbook

This cookbook also became famous for the illustrations, prints done from paintings done by artist George Rodrigue especially for this cookbook. The cover illustration of Maude and Willie Landry standing in front of their market. Family Recipes: Secrets of Maude Landry's Kitchen

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Family Recipes: Secrets of Maude Landry’s Kitchen, spectacularly illustrated with copies of paintings by George Rodrigue. Published by The Breaux Bridge Cajun Cookbook Co., 1985. Printed by McCord’s, Zachary, LA. This is a first edition copy. Stated first printing. Like-new condition. Heavy. glossy paper for the covers and for the four additional Rodrigue paintings that illustrate the book. 124 pages. Four chapters: Appetizers/Breads/Desserts, Salads/ Vegetables, Chicken/Meats, and Seafood. Again, this cookbook is in like-new condition. Great gift!

At we try to provide you with your mother’s cookbook! I know lots of current recipe bloggers write proudly that their recipes are “not from your mother’s cookbook.” We think the recipes in your mother’s cookbook provided food that was nutritious and warm and colorful and just plain yummy! We know that just looking at the cover of your mother’s Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book makes you feel good. Holding her Betty Crocker Cookbook, or her Better Homes and Gardens, or Good Housekeeping Cookbook in your hands is better than nostalgic. And cooking some of those dishes for your children will pass on a great tradition.