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Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery, 1949, First Edition, First Printing. Thumb Indexed.
Antique Recipes

Russian Easter Bread Wise Encyclopedia

Russian Easter Bread Wise Encyclopedia:  The Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery was published in 1949 by the Wm. H. Wise & Co., Inc., New York.  In encyclopedic fashion, it covers everything from "A La Mode" to "Zythum."  1286 pages, plus detailed index.  Here's just one great…
Brandy Peaches from Handy Cook Book, 1900, Marion Harland
Antique Recipes

Marion Harland’s Sponge Cake Recipe

Marion Harland's Sponge Cake Recipe:  This recipe is from The Dinner Year-Book by Marion Harland, published in 1878 by Charles Scribner's Sons as part of the "Common Sense in the Household Series."  What I love about this this recipe--and much of this entire cookbook--is Harland's…
Marion Harland's Complete Cook Book
Antique Recipes

Marion Harland’s Complete Cook Book: Piccalilli

Marion Harland's Complete Cook Book: Piccalilli:  Why does it surprise me to find a recipe for Piccalilli, an East Indian relish, in Marion Harland's Complete Cook Book, 1903, 1906? Of course we have the cookbook. Marion Harland's Complete Cook Book:  The complete title of this…
Marion Harland's Cook Book
Antique Recipes

Marion Harland’s First Loaf

Marion Harland's First Loaf:  In Marion Harland's Cook Book of Tried and Tested Recipes Containing the Following Recipes Bread Sponge and Breakfast Breads, the writer opens with instructions for making your own yeast.  Then, she goes to a chapter she calls, "The First Loaf," where…