Mrs Harding's Rose-Red Cream Candy
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Mrs Harding’s Rose-Red Cream Candy

Mrs Harding's Rose-Red Cream Candy: Mrs. Harding's Twentieth Century Cook Book and Her Recipes for Candy Making: Here's one of Mrs. Harding's candy recipes, a recipe for Rose-Red Cream Candy. Of course we have the cookbook! You can see it here: Mrs. Harding’s Twentieth…
Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery, 1949, First Edition, First Printing. Thumb Indexed.
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Russian Easter Bread Wise Encyclopedia

Russian Easter Bread Wise Encyclopedia:  The Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery was published in 1949 by the Wm. H. Wise & Co., Inc., New York.  In encyclopedic fashion, it covers everything from "A La Mode" to "Zythum."  1286 pages, plus detailed index.  Here's just one great…
Antique and Vintage Restaurant and Hotel Cookbooks
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Bohemian San Francisco Clam Chowder

Bohemian San Francisco Clam Chowder: Here's another great recipe from Bohemian San Francisco, clam chowder thick enough to eat with a fork! You can see the cookbook here:  Bohemian San Francisco: The Elegant Art of Dining.  This book is dripping with San Francisco history.…
Miss Leslie's New Cookery Book, 1857
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Fine Marrow Pudding from Miss Leslie’s New Cookery Book, 1857

Fine Marrow Pudding from Miss Leslie's New Cookery Book, 1857: Of course we have the cookbook.  See it here: Miss Leslie’s New Cookery Book, 1857, First Edition, First Printing: Excellent copy of this highly collectible antique cookbook! Cookbook written by Eliza Leslie and published…
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Hotel St. Francis Cook Book, 1919

Hotel St. Francis Cook Book, 1919: Some hotel cookbooks, or restaurant cookbooks, or chefs' cookbooks, grow long on the author's memoirs, yet are short on recipes. Not this one! From page one through page 400, all are packed with recipes and menus. There's not a…
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Feeding the Lions: Algonquin Cookbook

Feeding the Lions: Algonquin Cookbook is a charming cookbook, written by Frank Case and with illustrations by O. Soglow, from the heyday of the Algonquin Hotel in New York City, when the literary lions, the theatrical lions, the lions of the culinary world, and of…
Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners
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Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners, Spring Soup

Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners, Spring Soup:  Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners is one of the more charming cookbooks from the early 1900s.  The cookbook was written by Elizabeth O. Hiller.  And, here is Hiller's recipe for Spring Soup:    Yes, we have the cookbook.  You can see it…