Recipes of All Nations, Countess Morphy



Recipes of All Nations, Countess Morphy:  Thick, rather pretentious cookbook published in 1952 by Wm. H. Wise & Company, New York.  Hard cover with 821 pages.  Back hinge is week, so we patched it with clear librarian’s tape.  Pages are uniformly tanned.  Otherwise in excellent vintage condition.

The Countess (I don’t know what she was countess of) writes that her motive in writing the book is “to help the modern housewife who takes an intelligent interest in cooking to have excellent, varied and inexpensive food in her own home.    She provides recipes from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, England, the Creole Cookery of New Orleans, India, China, and Japan.

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At, we’re great fans of M.F.K. Fisher, or Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher. Such great fans, in fact, that we’re opening a new category here, just for M.F.K. Fisher’s work. We’re going to try to keep it stocked with first editions of her culinary writings.


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