McCall’s Cookery, Issues 1 through 19, 1983-1985



McCall’s Cookery, Issues 1 through 19, 1983-1985:  19 issues of McCall’s Cookery, published in 1983, 1984, and 1985 by McCall’s Publishing Company, New York, New York.  Edited by Mary Eckley.  All of the issues are in excellent vintage condition.  Each issue has a “Good Living” section with decorating ideas, etc.  The remainder of the 31 pages are recipes and great food photography.  Each issue has a section called “Flourishes with Food” with recipes for fancy concoctions.  Each issue has 31 pages.  I can’t find price or a monthly date on any of these magazines, so I don’t know how they were circulated.  Were they a subscription product?  Given away?

All 18 issues for this price.


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