Colette’s Best Recipes: Book of French Cookery, 1923, Marie Jacques



Colette’s Best Recipes: Book of French Cookery, 1923, Marie Jacques:  First edition, first printing copy of a charming cookbook written by an admirer of her family’s cook, Colette, “a French cook who entered domestic service at 8 years of age and had cooked for 51 years at the time she set down her recipes with Marie Jacques who describes the style as “French ‘cuisine de famille’; and that—like most other very good things and very good folks–is simplicity itself.” Published in 1923 by Little, Brown, and Company, Boston.  Linen-covered hard boards.  229 pages.  This copy is in excellent antique condition.  The dust cover has a couple of missing chunks, but the cover is in great shape.  Hinges are sound, binding is solid.  All the pages are clean and clear.

The Story-teller, who is the first person narrator of this cookbook, is eager to impart Colette’s principles of cooking–and those principles are very firm.  “Never grease cake tins with either margarine or salt butter, for both make the cakes stick and burn.”  “Yeast cakes , meringues, and the Gateau Fecule must not have baking powder put into them on any account.”  The cookbook has chapters on soups, eggs, ragouts and stews, birds and beasts, left-overs, chafing dish recipes, fish, frying, vegetables, sauces, candied fruits and sweets, cakes and biscuits, fruit, creams and sweet dishes, and conserves.  The eggs chapter is not to be missed.

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