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Fisherman’s Soup from South American Gentleman’s Companion, 1951

Fisherman’s Soup from South American Gentleman’s Companion, 1951:  One great recipe from a first edition, first printing boxed set of Charles H. Baker’s second opus.

Fisherman's Soup from South American Gentleman's Companion, 1951

Fisherman’s Soup from South American Gentleman’s Companion, 1951

Of course we have the books.  See them here:

South American Gentleman’s Companion, Volumes I & II, 1951. Mint in Book Sleeve! Cookbook and cocktail book by Charles H. Baker, Jr. Both together in boxed set. These books are sequels to the traveling food and drink writer and bon vivant’s popular “Gentleman’s Companion,” with these books concentrating on South America. Baker spent much of his life traveling the world and chronicling exotic food and drink recipes for magazines such as Esquire, Town & Country and Gourmet. His marriage to the mining heiress Pauline Paulsen helped finance his world travels and their mansion “Java Head” in Miami. Baker’s accounts are interesting not just for the recipes but for the colorful details about spending time with people like as Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner and Errol Flynn.

The Cookery Book collects “a select company of hand-picked South American receipts, gleaned from divers chefs of high and low estate.” The Drinking Book offers “a personally collected regiment of lively liquid masterpieces plus cunning & tasty Latin ways of handling each course and quaff.”

The books are both hard cover with dark blue linen covered boards. Both spine covers are faded. Rest of the covers are perfect. Volume I, the Cookery Book, has 224 pages. Volume II, the Drinking Book, has 225 pages. Other than the fading of the spine covers, these books are both in mint condition. The cardboard sleeve has issues. Published in 1951 by Crown Publishers, Inc., New York. First edition, first printing, no other being mentioned.

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