Mary Hunt’s Salad Bowl, 1939, 1944



Mary Hunt’s Salad Bowl, 1939, 1944. First Edition, third printing: Hard cover cookbook published by M. Barrows & Company, New York, in 1939, 1944. 102 pages. No dust jacket. Book is in near-mint condition. Pages are uniformly tanned, but there is no damage to the book. Gift quality.

Mary Hunt owned a tea room and restaurant in Minneapolis, and the recipes in the book were developed and used there. The book has salad suggestions, many pages of salad dressing recipes, recipes for fruit salads, seafood salads, vegetable salads, meat salads, and recipes for the weight watchers. It also has recipes for sandwiches and canapés. Suggested menus are given for luncheons, dinners, and buffets, as well as for special occasions including trousseau teas, bridal showers, and engagement luncheons.

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