Hotel and Restaurant Dessert Book, 1927, K. Camille Den Dooven



Hotel and Restaurant Dessert Book, 1927, K. Camille Den Dooven: Another self-published bakery recipe book, this one by very famous pastry chef K. Camille Den Dooven. Published when Den Dooven was headquartered in Weymouth, Massachusetts, in 1927. The first page of the book lists his culinary metals and prizes–very impressive!

This book is has hard covered boards covered in royal blue linen with gold lettering for the title and author’s name. 353 paachone completely clean and clear. Hinges are perfect. Binding is perfect. This book has never really been read or used. This copy is from the fourth printing. The first chapter covers the fundamentals of being a pastry chef, as well as the materials used, etc. Other chapters cover French pastry, baked puddings and custards, retail pound cake and other commercial products, ice creams and other frozens desserts, breads, and fancy iced pastries. The introduction to the book is a description of a 2500 pound cake the chef made for the 25th anniversary of the United Drug Co. for H. A. Johnson Baking Laborartory. This book is difficult-to-find and it is in absolutely mint condition.


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