Ellington Cook Book, 1916
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Ellington Cook Book Snicadoodle Recipe

Ellington Cook Book Snicadoodle Recipe: In case you thought your high school home ec teacher invented snickerdoodles, here’s a recipe from the Ellington Cook Book, 1916 for Snicadoodles: Ellington Cook Book Snicadoodle Recipe

Here’s the cookbook:

Ellington Cook Book, 1916: Tested Recipes Contributed by the Ladies of Ellington. The good ladies of Ellington, Connecticut must have been no-nonsense kinds of ladies. This cookbook has no frivolous discussion of why they are raising funds. It doesn’t even include a list of the ladies on the cookbook committee! The cookbook just plunges right in to the Soup chapter, then goes on from there. Many ads for local businesses, like The Parkview Cash Store that says, “We do not need to advertise. Our goods have an established reputation.” 91 pages. Pages are completely clean. Paper cover has been badly attached to the cookbook. Cookbook has been priced accordingly. Unusual cookbook in that it has a chapter with Vegetarian recipes and a chapter on Recipes for Fifty.

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