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Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery, 1949, First Edition, First Printing. Thumb Indexed.
Antique Recipes

Russian Easter Bread Wise Encyclopedia

Russian Easter Bread Wise Encyclopedia:  The Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery was published in 1949 by the Wm. H. Wise & Co., Inc., New York.  In encyclopedic fashion, it covers everything from "A La Mode" to "Zythum."  1286 pages, plus detailed index.  Here's just one great…
Antique Recipes

Santayana’s Garlic Soup from Cookbook for Poor Poets

Santayana’s Garlic Soup from Cookbook for Poor Poets, 1966: Here's one great recipe from Cookbook for Poor Poets (and others,) by Ann Rogers. (You aren't familiar with George Santayana? Of course we have the cookbook. See it here: Cookbook for Poor Poets (and…
How I Cook It
Antique Recipes

How I Cook It, 1949, McDonald

How I Cook It, 1949 Virginia McDonald ran her Tea Room in Gallatin, Missouri. She was famous not only for her recipes, but also for the beautiful way she served her food. This cookbook gives the details of both. Introduction by Duncan Hines. Book published…
Gourmet of the Delta, Mississippi, 1958
Antique Recipes

Gourmet of the Delta Forgotten Pie

Gourmet of the Delta Forgotten Pie:  Here's one great recipe from one of the most famous, most sought-after of the regional recipe books, Gourmet of the Delta, first published in 1958.  It was compiled by St. John's Woman's Auxiliary of Leland, Mississippi, and St. Paul's…