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Ted Saucier’s Bottoms Up, 1951, First! Damaged Cook’s Copy



Ted Saucier’s Bottoms Up. 1951, first edition, later printing. Cocktail recipes, illustrated with lovely “artistic” illustrations of beautiful–if naughty–ladies in glamorous poses by Arthur William Brown, Gilbert Bundy, Earl Cordrey, Bradshaw Crandell, Phil Dormont, Al Dorne, John Falter, James Montgomery Flagg, John La Gatta, Russell Patterson, and Ben Stahl. Published by Greystone Press, New York, in 1951. Hard cover, 270 pages.

Chapters are:  National Toasts, Bar Measures, Tippling Tips, Glossary of Drinks, Wining and Dining, and a Vintage Chart.  Then follows a 240 page A-Z of Cocktails and Mixed Drinks.  Drink recipes are all by notables from Hollywood and high end hotels and restaurants, like the Flamingo Cooler from the Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, or the Good-Bye from Joan Crawford, Academy Award winning movie star. This cocktail book is wonderfully indexed, with an index by cocktail name, by type of spirit, by hotel or restaurant name, and by person.

The damaged cover is missing its spine cover.   Front and back hinges have been mended with clear librarian’s tape.  (See image.)  Binding is tight.  Other than being very lightly yellowed, every page is clean and clear.   (You could cut the illustrations out without feeling guilty about ruining a book.)

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