Esquire Refresher on Wines, Spirits, and Beer, 1949, Esquire Magazine



Esquire Refresher on Wines, Spirits, and Beer, 1949,  Esquire Magazine:  12-page folio from the center of the August 1949 issue of Esquire Magazine.   First edition of this promotional cocktails guide issued by Esquire magazine, including bar drinking games, bartender’s tricks, food pairings, and Three Party Don’ts featuring the cartoons of Charles Addams. 10″ by 13″ on heavy paper.  Includes a full page feature on party tricks; a full color feature on “The Long Drink,” with recipes; two pages of full color illustrations, with recipes, for twenty five cocktails; a full page on “The Balanced Bar;” a feature called “Of Malts and Men” about beers, ales and porter and the food that goes with them; two full pages on “The Big 10 . . . With the Esquire Touch;” a detailed list of bartender’s tricks; wine lists and features on cordials and champagne; party suggestions with Charles Addams’ cartoons, and more.

Folio is in excellent vintage condition.  The last page has a 1 1/2″ tear at the top of the page and the top corner has rolled.  Staples are loose.  Top of cover page has rubbing, but it sort of blends into the illustration.  No stains.


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