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American Wines & Wine-Making, Philip M. Wagner, 1933, 1956, 1969

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American Wines & Wine-Making, Philip M. Wagner, 1933, 1963:  Book that was originally published in 1933 by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.  A second, revised edition with two additional chapters was published in 1936.  A third edition, completely revised, was published in 1956.  This copy is from the fourth printing of the fifth edition, printed in 1969.  264 pages plus index.  Hard cover book that is in as-if-new condition.  Dust jacket has issues.

I certainly know absolutely nothing about wine-making, but this book seems to cover the topic admirably.  Wagner discusses wine-making from the wine-maker’s point of view, provides a practical manual for the small producer and home wine-maker, as well as a first-rate guide for the consumer.   There’s a history of California wines, a chapter on the principles of wine-making,  one on layout and equipment, discussions of making red wine and white wine, plus a chapter on secondary fermentation and one on finishing the wine.

Again, book is in as-if-new condition.



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