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Rambling Into Romantic Candy Antiquity, 1965, 1967



Rambling Into Romantic Candy Antiquity, Constantine G. Pulakos, 1965, 1967: Fascinating hard cover book written, illustrated, and copyrighted by Constantine G. Pulakos of Erie, Pennsylvania, in 1965 and 1967. Pulakos was a candy maker who documented the international traveling he did in his retirement and related those travels to his candy-making. During his career as a candy maker, Pulakos gave chocolate gifts to many famous American leaders of church and state, and in his book he publishes copies of thank you letters he received. For example, there’s a letter from Bill Moyers, then special assistant to President Lyndon Johnson. Pulakos’ chocolate sculptures were enormous, some of them weighing up to 400 pounds. He presented his creations to many politicians. For example, he personally presented a large sculpture to President Franklin D. Roosevelt for Roosevelt’s 52nd birthday.

The book has 168 pages and is in near mint condition. The hinges are slightly loose, but holding. The binding is firm. No shelf wear. Pages are all clean and clear. Great gift!


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