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Tumbleweed Gourmet: Cooking Wild Southwestern Plants, 1987



Tumbleweed Gourmet: Cooking with Wild Southwestern Plants, 1987:  As-if-new cookbook in as-if-new dust jacket!  Written by Carolyn J. Niethammer, with illustrations by Jenean Thomson.  Published by the University of Arizona Press, Tucson, in 1987.  Hard cover book with 229 pages.  First edition, first printing, no other being mentioned. Again, as-if-new condition.

Tumbleweed Gourmet is a cookbook with a great deal of historical and background information about using cactus (prickly pear, saguaro, barrel cactus, cholla,) nuts and seeds (acorns, mesquite, amaranth,) wild greens (miner’s lettuce, monkey flower, pepper grass, wild mustard, watercress, tumbleweed, poverty weed, cheese weed, purslane,) ancient agriculture (tepary beans, chiles, corn, pumpkins and squash, sunflowers,) and foods of the future (buffalo gourd, cattails, jojoba, halophytes.)


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