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Champagne Camembert Soup from Voila! Lafayette Centennial Cookbook 1884-1984

Champagne Camembert Soup from Voila! Lafayette Centennial Cookbook 1884-1984: Talk about elegant! Here’s one of the most elegant recipes we’ve ever seen!

Viola Lafayette Centennial Cookbook 1884-1984, 1983

Of course we have the cookbook. See it here:

Viola! Lafayette Centennial Cookbook, 1884-1984: A Century of Acadiana Cooking from Open Fire to Microwave. By Jean Durkee. Celebrating the 1884-1984 Lafayette Centennial Cent Ans Depuis Vermilionville, Lafayette, Louisiana. Hard cover with plastic comb binding. 255 pages plus index. Mint condition. Absolutely gift quality!

Begins with histories of Lafayette, Louisiana (originally Vermilionville) and a very interesting discussion of the ways and the whys Cajun food grew out of French cooking. The cookbook is arranged by decades, each chapter opening with an historical discussion. Each chapter following has a brief but specific history of the area, then recipes for certain course. The first chapter, the 1880s & 90s, is devoted to food preservation and bread. The 1900s is beverage and appetizers. 1910s is fish and shellfish. The 1920s is gumbo, soup, and game. The 1930s is rice and eggs. The 1940s is vegetables and salads. The 1950s is poultry and meat. The 1960s is ice cream, pudding and pie. The 1970s is cakes, candy, and cookies. And the 1980s is old remedies and microwave memos.
One of the best cookbooks we’ve had for blending recipes and cooking with specific, concrete history!