When Mother Lets Us Cook, 1908, 1916
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When Mother Lets Us Cook, 1908, 1916

When Mother Lets Us Cook. This title is enchanting! Read through the other cook book titles in our Kids Cook section. All of them are variations on Cooking is Fun!, trying to convince children that it’s fun to cook. This title tells children that cooking is a privilege! When Mother Lets Us Cook was written by Constance Johnson and published by Moffat, Yard and Company. First publication was 1908. This copy is from the 1916 printing. Hard copy, 95 pages. Sweet, practical recipes, clearly written. Charming illustrations. This copy of When Moth Lets Us Cook has a number of dings and worn spots, but the binding is sound and all pages are clean and clear.

One great antique recipe from When Mother Lets Us Cook? Here’s the recipe for “‘Baked’ Stewed Pears:”when mother

The cookbook also has charming little kitchen tips, the commonsense kitchen information we all seem to learn sooner than later. Here’s one about testing baked goods: When Mother Lets Us Cook


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