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Thanksgiving Menu and Recipe from Columbia Cook Book, 1893

Thanksgiving Menu and Recipe from Columbia Cook Book, 1893: Here’s Adelaide Hollingsworth’s Thanksgiving menu from the Columbia Cook Book, published in 1893 by Columbia Publishing Co. Her menus are particularly interesting because she often includes menus for the next day, using leftovers from the holiday feast. Another interesting thing to note: This Thanksgiving dinner is enormous!

Columbia Cook Book Thanksgiving Menu

Columbia Cook Book Thanksgiving Menu

Here’s a Thanksgiving recipe from the Columbia Cook Book that Hollingsworth did not include in her menu, Mrs. Moore’s Thanksgiving Fish (Famous.) Do you suppose Mrs. Moore added the Famous? Or Adelaide Hollingsworth? I like the last line, “Once tasted will never be forgotten.” I like a cook with confidence!

Columbia Cook Book Mrs Moore's Thanksgiving Fish

Columbia Cook Book Mrs Moore’s Thanksgiving Fish

Yes, we have the cookbook.  See it here:

Columbia Cook Book 1893 First Edition: This is an amazing first edition copy of The Columbia Cook Book by Adelaide Hollingsworth, published by Columbia Publishing Co. in 1893. The subtitle is “Toilet, Household, Medical, and Cooking Recipes, Flowers and Their Culture, Health Suggestions, Carving, Table Etiquette, Dinner Giving, Menus, Care of the Sick, Facts Worth Knowing, Etc., Etc., Embracing All the Points Necessary of Successful Housekeeping. A Complete Home Instructor.”

You gotta love a subtitle like that. My favorite part is “Facts Worth Knowing.”

Published in conjunction with the 1893 World’s Fair, although I am not sure how close the association was. A full-page photograph of Thomas W. Palmer, President of National World’s Fair Commission, is included between pages 14 and 15, and “A Bird’s-Eye View of the World’d Columbian Exposition, Chicago” is the frontiespiece.

But seriously, this is an astonishing copy of the Columbia Cook Book. First edition, presumed first printing. Hard cover, with dark gray-blue linen covered boards. The cover does show shelf wear, particularly along all the edges. The hinges were weak, and they have been reinforced with clear librarian’s tape. The binding is holding perfectly. I am happy to tell you that all 795 pages are perfect. They aren’t even tanned. This cookbook has never been used. It must have been stored for years, but never opened. The cookbook is in excellent antique condition. The pages and binding are as-if-new!