Savoy Cocktail Book

Antique Recipes

Savoy Cocktail Book Recipes with Illustration

Savoy Cocktail Book Recipes: Cocktail recipes from Harry Craddock's Savoy Cocktail Book, 1930, 1933. The book was illustrated by Gilbert Rumbold. Here are recipes for the Artillery Cocktail and the Aviation Cocktail, along with Rumbold's picture of diving biplanes. Yes, we have the cocktail book.…
Antique Recipes

Savoy Cocktail Book’s Jabberwock Cocktail

Savoy Cocktail Book's Jabberwock: Here's the recipe for the Jabberwock Cocktail from one of the most famous cocktail books or bartender's books of all time. Inspired by Lewis Carroll and his looking glasss, the Savoy Cocktail Book guarantees the cocktail will make you "gyre and…