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Sample Menu from Modern Family Cook Book, 1942, Meta Given

Sample Menu from Modern Family Cook Book, 1942, Meta Given:

Yes, we have the cookbook.  You can see it here:

1942 Modern Family Cook Book:  Meta Given’s Modern Family Cook Book.  Published by J.G Ferguson and Associates, Chicago.  Hard cover book. Thumb indexed. Extremely comprehensive including sections on “stretching the dollar,” “The Family Hostess’ Creed,” food values, etc. 938 pp. Book is in excellent vintage condition. No dust jacket. First edition, first printing.  Cover is in excellent vintage condition with moderate shelf wear and worn corners.  All the pages are clean and clear.  Pages are printed on heavy, clay-coated pages.  Thumb indexed by sections, including “Planning,” “Buying,” “Cooking,” “Serving,” and “Index.”  Yes, this is the cookbook with the menus!  Over 200 pages of menus for every meal of every day for one calender year.   Inside, the book looks like it was never opened.  Definitely gift quality!