Presidents’ Cookbook by Poppy Cannon and Patricia Brooks, 1968



Presidents’ Cookbook by Poppy Cannon and Patricia Brooks, 1968:  The Presidents’ Cookbook: Practical Recipes from George Washington to the Present, published by Funk & Wagnalls in 1968.  Hard cover book with dust jacket.  545 pages.  Dust jacket is a bit dingy and the edges are frayed.  Book is in near-mint condition.

The Presidents’ Cookbook presents many dozens of practical recipes and menus enjoyed by the presidents from Washington to Lyndon Baines Johnson.  The stories behind each dish provide colorful and amusing historical backgrounds on the manners of the day.  Cannon provides anecdotes about White House guests, recipe-borrowing, redecorating, and table settings.  Examples of the recipes include:  Martha Washington’s Harty Choak Pudding, Julia Tyler’s Transparent Pudding, Chester Arthur’s Mugwump in a Hole, William McKinley’s Red Flannel Hash, Coolidge Custard Pie, The Roosevelts’ Inch Frosting, Mrs. Truman’s Scalloped Apples, Ike’s Old Fashioned Beef Stew for Sixty, JFK’s Hyannisport Fish Chowder, and LBJ’s Double Divinity Fudge.

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