Mrs. William Vaughn Moody’s Cook-Book, 1931



Mrs. William Vaughn Moody’s Cook-Book, 1931: Cookbook by Harriet Tilden (Brainard) Moody, a fascinating figure in Chicago history. See an excellent short history, here Anatomy of a restaurateur: Harriet Moody This cookbook was published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, in 1931. It is stated first edition, first printing copy in good vintage condition, with quite a bit of shelf wear on the cover. The spine cover was mended with clear librarian’s tape. The front hinge is weak, but holding. The back hinge is in good condition. The binding is solid. Most pages are clear and clean, although a few have spots.

This is an exceptionally well written and interesting comprehensive cookbook written by a woman who married a poet and who numbered among her friends Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost, and Edna St. Vincent Millay. Her cookbook is dedicated to the employees of the Home Delicacies Association because that was her business, which she started by selling sandwiches to Marshall Field’s. She made the sandwiches at 4:00 in the morning, before she went off to teach school. She opened her restaurant Le Petit Gourmet in 1920 in Chicago’s Italian Court at 615 North Michigan Boulevard in Chicago. Her cookbook is the obvious product of someone dedicated to perfection in food. For example, her recipe for angel food cake includes its origin story–coming to the United States from India–and three pages of careful explanation about how to produce a perfect one. Then, she provides six variations on the angel food theme.


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