“HOME BREWED” WINES and BEERS and BARTENDERS’ GUIDE. Secrets of the Liquor Trade. Complete directions & recipes for making all kinds of wines, beers, liquors, brandies, cordials, syrups, extracts, etc. 32 page pamphlet published by Johnson Smith & Company, Detroit, Michigan in 1915. “N. 1263” printed at the top of the front cover.  While it isn’t visually appealing, this booklet has some of the most interesting text I’ve read. Among the many tricks of the liquor trade are “To give Beer the appearance of age,” how to make 36 gallons of pure spirits into Jamaica rum, and how to imitate Batavia Arrack. The booklet has many recipes for fruit wines, recipes for fruit syrups and fruit vinegars, recipes for fruit cordials and simple liquors, plus recipes for mineral waters, temperance drinks, and invalids’ drinks. And cocktail recipes. Ends with a page and a half of toasts, all interesting, clever or funny.  Booklet is in good antique condition.  Back cover has a 1″ tear.  That tear is on the edge of several back pages.  All pages clean and clear.

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