Antique and Vintage Restaurant, Hotel and Tea Room Cookbooks

Major Markdowns in Antique and Vintage Restaurant, Hotel and Tea Room Cookbooks!

Antique and Vintage Restaurant, Hotel and Tea Room Cookbooks: antique, vintage and rare cookbooks with recipes from famous and not-so-famous restaurants, hotels, and other places. Currently we have: Recipes from Walter’s Original Delice, Signed by Author, Post 2006; Bluegrass Winners A Cookbook, 1985; Sophie’s Cook Book, 1951; Fisherman’s Wharf Cook Book, 1955; Edgewater Beach Hotel Salad Book,1926; Hotel St. Francis Cook Book, 1919; Feeding the Lions: An Algonquin Cookbook, 1942; Out of Kentucky Kitchens, 1949;  Palmer House Cook  Book, 1933, 1940; Colonel’s Inn Caterers, 1984; Miss Hulling’s Favorite Recipes, 1969; Famous Recipes by Famous People, 1936; Les Diners de Gala by Salvador Dali, 1973; Treasury of Great Recipes, 1965; Gourmet’s Guide to New Orleans, 1933, 1935; Esquire Culinary Companion , 1959;  Old House Restaurant Kentucky Derby Cookbook, 1969; Cook Book by Oscar of the Waldorf, 1896; Helen Corbitt’s Cookbook, 1957; Golden Heritage Cookbook, 1973; Ralph & Kacoo, A Taste of Louisiana from the Ralph and Kacoo Restaurants, 1984; A La Rector, George Rector, 1933;  Purefoy Hotel Cook Book, 1938, 1941; Chez Maxim’s, 1962;  Purefoy Hotel Cook Book, 1941, 1960; Mapie, Countess de Toulouse-Lautrec, La Cuisine de France, Modern French Cookbook, 1964; Ho’ ono: Gathering of Recipes from the Hyatt Family, Hyatt Regency Waikiki, 1997;  Pot-luck 33,000 United Way, 1993; Famous Recipes by Famous People, 1936, Stated First Edition, First Printing; Hollywood du Jour;  Brennan’s New Cookbook; Hotel and Restaurant Dessert Book, 1927; Recipe Collection Gamble House, 1987;   How I Cook It by Virginia McDonald, 1949; Dining in Chicago by John Drury, 1931; Restaurants of New Orleans;  Farmer’s Market Cookbook, 1951; June Crosby’s San Diego Fare: An Insider’s Guide to San Diego Area Restaurants, 1972; Ciro & Sal’s Cookbook, 1987; Peach Tree Tea Room Cookbook, Fredericksberg, Texas, 1990;  Leone’s Italian Cookbook, 1967; Clarita’s Cocina, Clarita Garcia of the World-Famous Las Novedades, 1970;, Chickadee Cottage Cookbook, 1994; Purefoy Hotel Cook Book, 1949;  First; Chez Maxim’s: Secrets and Recipes from the World’s Most Famous Restaurant, 1962; Bohemian San Francisco, First Edition, First Printing, 1914; Luchow’s German Cookbook, 1952;  Plaza Cookbook, 1972; Delmonico’s: A Century of Splendor; Lowney’s Cook Book, 1908, 1912; Waldorf Astoria Cookbook, First Edition, First Printing;  Russian Tea Room Cookbook, 1981;  “Meals to Remember” Cookbook, Stock Yards Packing Company, Chicago, 1965; Charlie Trotter’s T, 1994;  Bakery Restaurant Cookbook, 1981; New Orleans Restaurant Cookbook, 1967, 1976; ’21’ Cookbook, 1995.