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Cantabrigia Club Cook Book Oxtail Recipes

Cantabrigia Club Cook Book Oxtail Recipes: Cookbook by the Cantabrigia Club of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The club was founded in 1892 and incorporated in 1897. You can see some of its history at the Perseus Digital Library, Tufts University, here: The cookbook was issued as a fund raiser and was published by Cambridge Publishing Company, Cambridge, Mass. 1923-1924. Hard cover cookbook with 192 pages, some of them advertising. The Cantabrigia Club Cook Book covers all major recipe groups, from soups to pickles, with a section on Washburn Crosby Recipes, dishes for “Sunday nights, Luncheons and Afternoon Teas.” There’s even a sweet one-page recipe taken from a lecture called, “A Recipe for Cooking Husbands.” Many, many, many recipes for sweet things, from gelatine desserts, to cakes, icings and fillings, to puddings and pies, to cookies, doughnuts and dainties, to ice creams and sauces, to candy, to jellies, preserves and marmalades. But, just in case you need ’em, here are SEVERAL recipes for cooking oxtail!