Calumet Baking Book, 1931
Antique Recipes

Calumet’s Palermo Lemon Cake

Calumet’s Palermo Lemon Cake: Don’t you want to make this tomorrow? I should never work on these recipes when I’m hungry! Calumet's Palermo Lemon Cake

Here’s the booklet:

Calumet Baking Book, 1931: New edition of the Calumet Baking Book, “written” by Marion Jane Parker and published by G.F. Corp in 1931. 31 pages. Stapled. Colored lithographs. Excellent vintage condition. Has the recipe for Lady Baltimore Cake! Cake, cookie, biscuits, muffin, griddle cake, waffles,butter cakes, sponge cakes,pie, pudding, frosting and filling recipes.

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