Gun Club Cook Book, 1930, 1939



Gun Club Cook Book or a Culinary Code for Appreciative Epicures, by Charles Browne, with illustrations by Leonard Holton.  Gun Club Cook Book, 1930, 1939.  Published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1930. This copy is from the revised and expanded 1939 edition.  Hard cover. 298 pages.  Dust jacket has some minor dings.  Book is in as-if-new condition.  Pages are uniformly tanned, but completely clean and clear. Binding is sound. Hinges are perfect.  Cover is perfect.

The Gun Club of the title was the Nassau Gun Club in Princeton, New Jersey, “organized for the purpose of shooting clay pigeons.”  When the club’s well-off members eventually built a new–and grand–building, complete with kitchen, “it wasn’t long before the non-shooting members exceeded the shooters and the menu became more of moment than the miss and out.  And if the shooting averages fell off a bit, who should worry?”  Cleverly written, erudite cookbooks illustrated by a famous cartoonist.  Great gift!

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