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Frances Parkinson Keyes’ Hog Ears

Frances Parkinson Keyes’ Hog Ears Recipe:  This recipe is from Frances Parkinson Keyes Cook Book.  Mrs. Keyes was known primarily as a novelist.  Many times, I’ve found, cookbooks written by celebrities of any sort are rather pro forma, lack luster cookbooks written for profit by people who don’t actually cook.  But Mrs. Keyes obviously was a real, dedicated cook!  Her recipes are varied, many gathered from (and attributed to) friends.  The recipes often have little tales or  personal anecdotes with them.  Like this great recipe for Hog Ears!  Frances Parkinson Keys Cook Book Hog Ears


Frances Parkinson Keyes Cook Book: First British edition of The Frances Parkinson Keyes Cook Book. The cookbook was first published in 1955 by Doubleday and Company, Inc., Garden City. This British edition was published by Frederick Muller LTD in 1956. The dedication page has a tiny sticker, saying “Printed in Great Britian.” Dust jacket has many dings, but it is now covered with Mylar to preserve it. Book is in nearly mint condition. I don’t think it was ever read.

304 pages of recipes and ancedotes from the writer’s novels and experiences as a New England bride, a Washington, D.C. hostess, a Southern writer, and as a world traveler. Recipes are all beautifully written, as you would expect from a world-famous novelist. When the recipes were contributed by other wives or hostesses, their married names and maiden names are given. Charming stories often accompany the recipes. Photographs from Virginia, Louisiana, and New England.
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