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Cocktail Recipes from Wolf in Chef’s Clothing

Cocktail Recipes from Wolf in Chef’s Clothing: Wolf in Chef’s Clothing is sort of a quintessential man’s cookbook from 1950, reinforcing all of the worst stereotypes about single men. It has five chapters on food and seven chapters on alcoholic beverages! Here are two cocktail recipes from that book, one for a Sidecar and one for something called Piscolabis, made of Italian Vermouth, Cognac, and Chablis.

Yes, we have the cookbook! See it here:

Wolf in Chef’s Clothing: The Picture Cook and Drink Book for Men. Written by Robert H. Loeb, Jr. Illustrated by Jim Newhall. Published by Wilcox & Follett Company, Chicago and New York in 1950. All the recipes are illustrated in cartoon fashion. Interestingly enough, the first five chapters of this book are recipes for food. The last seven chapters are for cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. Oversized hard cover with no dust jacket. Excellent vintage condition.

Cocktail Recipes from Wolf in Chef's Clothing

Wolf in Chef’s Clothing