Thoughts for Food a Menu Aid, 1938, First Edition
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Allegretti Cake from Thoughts for Food, Chicago, 1938

Allegretti Cake from  Thoughts for Food, Chicago, 1938:  Here’s a cake recipe that sounds delightfully sweet and sticky.  Straight to you from Chicago hostesses in the  1930s!

Allegretti Cake from Thoughts for Food

Allegretti Cake from Thoughts for Food

Of course we have the cookbook.  See it here:

Thoughts for Food: Quite literary and definitely up-scale. Published in 1938.  Second printing. Hard cover boards covered with silvery smooth finished.   372 pages of 125 menus and the recipes and other information necessary for bringing those menus to life. Compiled by a group of Chicago hostesses. Lots of dishes that sound–and should look-very high end. This is your book if you need to impress the boss! Mint condition. No dust jacket. Gift quality. See several of the sequel books in our Vintage Specialty Cookbooks department.

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