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With a Jug of Wine Shrimp Bisque, 1949

With a Jug of Wine Shrimp Bisque: Here is Morrison Wood’s Shrimp Bisque with Rum recipe, a great bisque recipe and also an excellent example of his chatty style in With a Jug of Wine, 1949.

With a Jug of Wine Shrimp Bisque

With a Jug of Wine Shrimp Bisque

You can see the cookbook here:

With a Jug of Wine or An Unusual Collection of Recipes with a Jug of Wine, by Morrison Wood. Published by Farrar, Straus and Company, New York, 1949. This copy is from the 1961 nineteenth printing. Hard cover with dust jacket. 379 pages. Many recipes were taken from “For Men Only” column published in the Chicago Daily Tribune. Chatty, memoir-type format with lots of high-end recipes. Other than the fact that the pages are uniformly browned, the book in near mint condition. Surprisingly, so is the dust jacket! (Marked down from $48.00.)

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