Antique Recipes

Louisiana Tiger Bait Black-Eyed Peas

Louisiana Tiger Bait Black-Eyed Peas: One great recipe from what has become a famous regional cookbook, Louisiana 'Tigar Bait:' Selected Recipes from L.S.U. Alums. Huge cookbook of 286 pages, with recipes mainly printed three on each page. A famous cookbook that richly deserves its reputation!…
Two Rice Soup Recipes from Original Picayune Creole Cook Book: The Picayune Creole Cook Book has an entire chapter on Lenten Soups, or what they call "fast-day" soups.
Antique Recipes

Picayune Creole Cook Book Rice Waffles

Picayune Creole Cook Book Picayune Creole Cook Book Picayune Creole Cook Book Rice Waffles:  from Picayune Creole Cook Book, ninth edition, printed in 1947, still with the recipes using wines and liquors customary before Prohibition. Published by the Times-Picayune Publishing Company, New Orleans. Original copyright…
Savannah Cook Book
Antique Recipes

Savannah Cook Book’s Asparagus Souffle

Savannah Cook Book's Asparagus Souffle: Here's one great recipe from a very famous cookbook from 1933, the Savannah Cook Book: A Collection of Old Fashioned Receipts from Colonial Kitchens, collected and edited by Harriet Ross Colquitt. Please like us on Facebook at, where you…