How I Cook It
Antique Recipes

How I Cook It, 1949, McDonald

How I Cook It, 1949 Virginia McDonald ran her Tea Room in Gallatin, Missouri. She was famous not only for her recipes, but also for the beautiful way she served her food. This cookbook gives the details of both. Introduction by Duncan Hines. Book published…
Stephenson's Old Apple Farm Receipts, 1967, 1975
Antique Recipes

Green Rice from Stephenson’s Apple Farm Restaurant Receipts, 1967, 1975

Green Rice from Stephenson's Apple Farm Restaurant Receipts, 1967, 1975:  A "specialty of the house" recipe from Stephenson's Apple Farm Restaurant, outside of Kansas City, Missouri. Yes, we have the cookbook.  See it here: Stephenson’s Apple Farm Restaurant Receipts: Copyright 1967. Privately printed. This…