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Dining Shakesperience, 1986



Dining Shakesperience, 1986:  This cookbook is subtitled:  A fundraiser for the American Players Theatre sponsored by Spring Green, Wisconsin, Chamber of Commerce.  The American Players Theatre, an outdoor theatre in the round specializing in the plays of Shakespeare,  closed and re-opened after a huge community, Board of Directors, and Founders effort.  People who own copies of this cookbook treasure them.  This is the only copy I’ve been able to pry from the hands of a Wisconsin cook!  They are very rare on the Internet!  Plastic comb binding.  201 pages.  This copy has a slightly battered cover, but the pages are all clean and clear.  Lots of slightly strange, hometown recipes, like Beet Juice Jelly.  MANY rhubarb recipes!  I’ve put two of them in our Recipe department.

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