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Chef’s New Secret Cookbook, Louis Szathmary, 1975



Chef’s New Secret Cookbook, Louis Szathmary, 1975:  Sequel to the cookbook that is one of my personal favorites!  Written by Chef Louis Szathmary, chef-owner of The Bakery, a Chicago restaurant of international standing, it was published by Henry Regnery, Chicago, in 1975.  Hard cover book with dust jacket.  294 pages.  Both book and dust jacket are in mint, as-if-new condition.  Presumed first edition, first printing. Definitely gift quality!

Chef’s New Secret Cookbook is a comprehensive cookbook, with recipes for appetizers, soups, meats, poultry, fish and shellfish, eggs, cheese, rice and pasta, vegetables, salads, breads, and desserts.    The chef’s secret is the reason this is one of my favorite cookbooks.  Each recipe has at least one chef’s secret at the end of the recipe, and sometimes as many as six.  The secrets are practical tips that tell the reader useful ways to accomplish a task easily, or ways use ingredients to the best effect, or what kind of equipment works.  For example, if you can’t get Italian sausage, add oregano and coriander to regular sausage.  Or, to make hearty soups, you need a heavyweight pot with a tightly fitting lid.  If your equipment is lightweight and tinny, stick to soups that have a shorter cooking time.  See Szathmary’s mushroom sauce recipe in our Antique Recipes section for an amazing tip on washing mushrooms.

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