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Sweet Dough Recipe from Treatise on Baking, Julius Emil Wihlfahrt, 1906

Sweet Dough Recipe from Treatise on Baking, Julius Emil Wihlfahrt, 1906.

Treatise on Baking: A Treatise on Baking by Julius E. Wihlfahrt, Bakery Consultant

Sure! We have the cookbook. See it here:

Treatise on Baking, Julius Emil Wihlfahrt, 1906: The entire title is A Treatise on Flour, Yeast, Fermentation and Baking Together with Recipes for Bread and Cakes. Copyrighted in 1905 by Julius Emil Wihlfahrt. Self-published in 1906, printed by C. Souer & Co., Printers.

Many sources on the Internet have this Treatise as first published by Standard Brands’ Fleischmann Division in 1927, revised twice in 1934 and 1935. This book shows that the actual first edition, first printing was in 1906. This copy of Treatise on Baking is in excellent antique condition. Hard cover with green linen covered boards, with very slight shelf wear. 120 pages. Hinges in excellent condition, quite firm. Binding is perfect. Pages are all clean and clear.

First part of the book is General Instructions, with topics like Yeast Raised Cakes, Temperature of Dough, Hadling Sponges, Improving Old Doughs (I love that one,) and Proper Mixing of Flours. The second half of the book is Recipes. It has 28 recipes for bread, nine for cakes, five for doughs, three for rings, and ten for rolls, plus other recipe with German names.