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Clam Chowder from Bohemian San Francisco, 1914

Bohemian San Francisco is an elegant little book written by Clarence E. Edwords. Filled with brief descriptions of California scenery and gossipy discussions of San Francisco restaurants (in 1914,) their history, and often the personal history of the owners and chefs. Interspersed are recipes from those restaurants, such as this one, for Shrimp Creole:

Clam Chowder from Bohemian San Francisco

Clam Chowder from Bohemian San Francisco

Yes, we have the cookbook.  See it here:

Bohemian San Francisco: The Elegant Art of Dining. Great find! First edition, 1914 copy. Clarence E. Edwords. Published by Paul Elder and Company, Publishers, San Francisco. Woven linen hard cover and rag cotton paper for the pages. Deckle edges! Lovely little line drawings. Frontispiece, the photograph of the Old Cobweb Palace at Meigg’s Wharf, is tipped in by hand. 138 pages. This book is dripping with San Francisco history. Lots of recipes like Chili Rienas, Mussels Mariniere, the famous Delmonico Raisin Sauce, from many, many restaurants, such as Vesuvius, the Poodle Dog, Hang Far Low, Charlie’s Fashion, the Good Fellows’ Grotto. This book is in excellent condition. No jacket. The hinges are tight, the pages are spotless, although lightly tanned. A true find. (In fact, I ought to send it to my brother for his birthday. Now I feel guilty.) Bohemian San Francisco

We’ve started posting one great recipe from the most notable cookbooks in our huge inventory of antique, vintage, and rare cookbooks, along with some historical background, to give you some flavor (bad pun) from the cookbooks.  Just for fun and our mutual education!