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Treasured Polish Recipes for Americans, 1948, 1975. As-If-New!



Treasured Polish Recipes for Americans:  This is a pristine copy of Treasured Polish Recipes for Americans, first published in 1948.  This copy is from the 1975 printing.  It was the first complete book of Polish cookery in the English language published in the United States.  Chapters on all the traditional recipe groups, plus an entire chapter on mushrooms, an entire chapter on “Bigos,” and on Easter, Harvest Festival,and Christmas.  Hard cover with NO dust jacket.  169 pages. Compiled by the Polanie Club and published by Polanie Publishing Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This copy is in as-if-new condition.   Dust jacket has a few dings. Hinges are in great shape, binding is perfect.  Pages are all completely clean and clear.

You know how you go into a little bakery on the corner and get a coffee cake, take a bite, then wonder what is in that wonderfully flavorful coffee cake filling?  The recipe for that filling is in this cookbook!

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